Hedge Funds


Differential Capital has launched a qualified investor hedge fund. The aim of the fund is to minimise the probability of loss while achieving returns above cash. The Hedge Fund is a global-unconstrained, multi-strategy, style-agnostic hedge fund. 

Our unique AI ability enables us to identify global opportunities that best enhance the utility of the portfolio. We aim to beat the cash benchmark by *4-6% per annum, agnostic of prevailing market conditions.

We do not employ excessive leverage, instead, we intentionally position the portfolio to be uncorrelated to markets. Our portfolios are concentrated, and diversification is achieved through having uncorrelated, positively asymmetric return streams. 

*All performance figures are estimates only and is not guaranteed.

Unit Trusts



The objective of the long-only equity fund is to secure an investor's medium to long-term capital growth. 

We maintain our preference for capital preservation even within the long-only space.  The fund aims to participate in the upside of equity returns while minimising drawdown, favouring concentrated portfolios with high-quality companies.

We are largely benchmark agnostic and the concentration enables us to be focused in our ESG engagements.