Our thoughts on responsible lending were published by the Financial Times - 9th September 2019.  (Link)
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Unsecured Lending Has Consumers Sliding Towards Financial Ruin - How Do We Reverse Course?
27 August 2019 
Who is Differential Capital?
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Differential Capital featured on HedgeNews Africa.
(The Quarterly Journal of the African Alternatives and Hedge Fund Community - Third Quarter 2019)
Editorial in the Financial Mail on unsecured lending.
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Interview on Classic Business on the state of South Africa's unsecured lending industry.
Interview with eNCA on microlending in South Africa.
Bloomberg article quoting Differential's ESG Thought Lab Research. (Link)
Understanding Inter-Regional Differences in COVID-19 Mortality Rates.

Our latest thought piece on COVID-19 mortality in collaboration with PANDA.  This was a great opportunity to use data science to answer pertinent questions.