Anthonyrajah, Vincent

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Vincent has ten years of market
experience on the sell side,
where he was highly rated in the
Banks, General Financials and
Property sectors. Recently, he
was Chief Analytics Officer at
MMI Holdings. Vincent has an actuarial background with a

BSc (Actuarial Science) and BSc Hons (Statistics).


Badat, Naeem

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Naeem has ten years of market
experience. Four of those were
on the sell-side and six were as
a hedge fund manager at one of
South Africa’s largest hedge
funds. Naeem holds a BSc in
Financial Maths, as well as a
BCom Hons (Cum Laude), CFA
and CAIA designations.


Malwandla, Musa

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Musa has eight years of financial
services experience and is
working towards his PhD in
Finance and qualifying as an
actuary. Musa worked on the
sell-side covering the insurance
sector where he was rated in his
first year. Musa brings both
equities and fixed income