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Hedge Fund

The fund aims to generate a return that exceeds the cash deposit rate while minimising downside risk.

Investment Strategy

The Differential Gradient Prescient Fund is a concentrated, multi-strategy hedge fund with a strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus. The fund aims to generate superior risk-adjusted returns of 3-6% (after fees) above cash. It is suitable for medium-term investors who want a lower risk profile compared to equities, with returns that are well above inflation.

Investment Policy

As a medium-risk product, the fund aims to contain volatility and to limit exposure when markets are tough, while giving investors as much exposure to the upside as possible. It does this by using a range of instruments, including equities, options, preference shares and listed and unlisted financial instruments. It uses derivatives to contain risk, and not for speculative purposes, with the investment process driven by a combination of artificial intelligence idea generation, traditional fundamentals and human sense checks.

Risk Profile

Moderate-Aggressive / Medium-High

Generally, these portfolios hold more equity exposure than lower risk profiled portfolios, which means they tend to carry more volatility. Expected potential long-term returns could be higher than other risk profiles, but potential losses of capital could also be higher.

For more information on fund-specific risks, please read the product brochure.

Monthly Returns

Hedge Funds vs Benchmark Returns