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Unit Trust

The fund aims to secure medium to high long-term capital growth for investors.

Investment Strategy

The Differential Neural Prescient Fund aims to outperform South African listed equities, where the benchmark is the Capped SWIX JSE All Share index. We also optimise the fund to have a lower probability of loss than the benchmark.

Investment Policy

The fund prefers to avoid upside in the form of derivative protection, with the emphasis on positively asymmetric return streams using a variety of instruments, both local and global. The investment process is driven by a combination of artificial intelligence idea generation and traditional fundamentals and human sense checks.

Risk Profile

Aggressive / High Risk

Generally, these portfolios hold more equity exposure than any other risk profiled portfolio, and therefore tend to carry higher volatility. Expected potential long-term returns could be higher than other risk profiles, but potential losses of capital could also be higher.

For more information on fund-specific risks, please read the product brochure.

Monthly Returns

Hedge Funds vs Benchmark Returns