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Boost your returns with the power of AI

Our investment analysts use proprietary datasets and algorithms to make better investment decisions for you.

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Make a difference

We all care about the environment, society and corporate governance. Let your investments reflect this.

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Be consistent

Our solid investment philosophy will give you peace of mind, no matter the weather.

Grow Your Wealth Consistently

32.00% vs 34.00%

Net Returns


SA Equity Unit Trust

Since November 2019

59.50% vs 24.00%

Net Returns


Multi Strategy Hedge Fund

Since October 2019

34.75% vs 32.23%

Net Returns


SA Equity (Institutional Funds)

Since January 2021

Each display the total returns since product inception


At Differential Capital, we offer our investors the following investment options.

Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund

Differential Gradient Prescient Fund

Aims for a return of 5% above cash deposit returns while minimising the probability of loss. This fund may invest in a range of instruments, including local equities, global equities, local bonds, global bonds and derivatives. This fund is suitable for investors that want a lower risk profile compared to equities, with returns that are well above inflation.

SA Equity Unit Trust

Differential Neural Prescient Fund

Aims to outperform South African listed equities (the benchmark being the Capped SWIX JSE All Share index). We also optimise the fund to have a lower probability of loss than the benchmark. The fund is suitable for investors who want to improve corporate South Africa and invest for the long-term. They are comfortable with the volatility of equity markets, but are not satisfied with index returns.

Leverage asset management with an
AI-driven investment platform.

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