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Understanding Inter-Regional Differences in COVID-19 Mortality Rates.

Understanding Inter-Regional Differences in COVID-19 Mortality Rates.

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Unsecured Lending Has Consumers Sliding Towards Financial Ruin – How Do We Reverse Course?

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Proxy Votes

At Differential, our primary aim is to create value for our clients. We're committed to nurturing enduring economic achievements within the companies we invest in. We recognize that sustainability lies at the core of revenue expansion, community impact, and responsible investing. Governance serves as the vital conduit through which social and environmental concerns harmonize with shareholder value generation. Embracing this synergy, we've adopted a comprehensive investment strategy that seamlessly incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.
Upholding Corporate Governance for Enhanced Value

Our belief in elevating stakeholder worth revolves around strong corporate governance. We’re steadfast supporters of the King IV Corporate Governance Code. Our commitment extends further to endorsing the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI), the South African Code for Responsible Investing (CRISA), and the innovative CRISA 2.0

Engaging for Prosperity

We view the management of the companies we invest in as essential partners in our quest to enrich our clients’ wealth. ESG considerations are intricately woven into both the data-driven and fundamental components of our investment philosophy. Our engagement with boards and management encompasses diverse approaches, including direct interactions and written correspondences. Our proactive engagement philosophy leads us to actively participate in the annual voting process, utilizing proxy voting as an essential element. Occasionally, when it’s in the best interest of our clients, we attend general meetings.

A Cohesive Approach to Proxy Voting

Proxy voting isn’t just a formality for us—it’s an embodiment of our investment philosophy. It’s an organic outcome of our in-depth analysis and proactive engagements with company boards and management. Our approach to proxy voting is seamlessly integrated, mirroring our overarching investment philosophy. In most instances, voting is a logical extension of our comprehensive analysis, aligned with our commitment to responsible investing. Experience collaborative and purpose-driven proxy voting with Differential Capital. Our investment philosophy is more than just numbers; it’s a commitment to sustainable growth and conscientious governance.

Proxy Vote History

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